rimadi.com was a reflex action, a way out of the pressure of modern day living.

In a polished world, this term I carried with me always seemed to embrace the flawed, the non-polished, the dated, for in it life had been.

The Greek word ‘ρημάδι’ is mainly used for something that has lost its previous value as it is now wrecked, dated, neglected and possibly not functioning perfectly anymore. It is a term sometimes even used jokingly to tease someone for holding on to something seemingly useless.

It is true that one may not expect a ‘rimadi’ to be streamlined. It may not be able to keep to schedule.

Still, it shows the wear and tear, the cracks that make us. It is, for me, time and memory combined, the luxury of finding the time to be a child so as to feel truly humane.

My name is Giannis Georgantas and everything you may find at rimadi.com is my creation. I live and work as a designer in Athens. The illustrations are made using mobile phones and tablets or just old-fashioned paper, pen and marker.

In my illustrations, it is feeling, inspiration of the moment and the beauty of originality that outweigh technique and persistence to detail. There is no single theme even though I often get inspired by nature, art and life in its simplest, everyday form.

On this website you may order signed fine art prints or original artworks. Some of the illustrations looked rather good when printed on everyday objects so you can find them on print-on-demand sites, such as Society6, Threadless & Redbubble.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions about my illustrations so please do not hesitate to contact me. Alternatively, you may also find me on facebook, instagram, tumblr & behance.


  • Visioni 2019 – Collective exhibition, Merlino, Bottega D’Arte, Florence – Italy
  • Art Symposium 2018 – Collective exhibition, Merlino, Bottega D’Arte, Florence – Italy
  • Dreamers – Realtà e immaginazione – contemporary art exhibition 2017 – Collective exhibition, Galleria Mentana · Florence, Italy
  • ON TOUR contemporary art exhibition 2017 – Collective exhibition, Merlino. Bottega D’Arte, Florence – Italy
  • Athens Digital Arts Festival 2016 – Digital image exhibition, Athens – Greece
  • Festivart 2015 – Collective exhibition, Loutraki – Greece